Our Mission & Vision

Project Mission Statement

Honor the nations defenders, preserve a historic landmark, and foster community coordination to position Otoe County as a food grower’s hub driving economic development and community enrichment.

Our Vision

Nebraska City Veteran’s Memorial Building Project’s purpose is to raise funds to refurbish, reconstruct and revitalize the Nebraska City Veteran’s Memorial Building for use as a self- supporting, non-profit community center for the citizens of Nebraska City and Otoe County, Nebraska. Efforts will be made to collaborate with local veteran’s groups and foundations, among other charitable organizations, to maximize funds. Such funds will be used, per the discretion of the board of directors, on projects to bring the current Veteran’s Memorial Building standing at 810 1st Corso, Nebraska City, Nebraska (Lots 10-12, BLK 76, Nebraska City Proper) to good condition for public use as community meeting space, performance space, special event space, kitchen space and any other community use that promotes the well-being of the residents of Nebraska City, and Otoe County, Nebraska.