Inclusion, Diversity and Collaboration

The Nebraska City VMB values all forms of inclusiveness and shall not allow discrimination on the bases of race, ethnicity, gender, national origin (ancestry), age, sexual orientation, disability, marital status, gender, shape, color, religion (creed), political affiliations or appearance.  We have Zero Tolerance for Hate!  We welcome everyone to be a part of our community center as an environment of fostering inclusion for all.

Our Veterans for whom this building was originally dedicated are an integral part of our nation’s history of growing diversity.  Today our diversity reflects generations of continued learning, development, sacrifice and inclusion with domestic and global influences.  Tomorrow is a work in progress as we strive to make a difference at every opportunity to achieve equality for all humankind. Nebraska City VMB adamantly supports diversity and inclusion within our doors and the world outside.

Collaboration is key to enable an exchange of thoughts to develop cultural awareness among our diverse communities.  The world near and far continues to move forward and so must we within our community as we expand our knowledge and compassion for others.  Nebraska City VMB promotes all voices be heard with peaceful dialogue as we come together to exchange ideas.

Come one and come all to join our organization, our community, friends, neighbors and families as we come together for the greater good of supporting each other.